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Our Spectacular Vacation Homes

Vacation Home Gatehouse Jasper
Vacation Home Revelation Jasper
Vacaton Home Resplendant Jasper

Goat's Head Gatehouse


​Revelation Valley Carriage House

Resplendent Mountain Lodge

These high end Vacation homes are located in Mount Robson Park, making it the perfect location to access the stunning beauty of both Jasper National Park, Alberta and Mt.Robson Park, B.C. - 

The pair are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites renowned for their historical significance and spectacular mountain vistas.


Our three Vacation Homes: Goat's Head Gatehouse, Revelation Valley Carriage House and Resplendent Mountain Lodge are free-standing homes. Surrounded by an abundance of nature, each unique private home is designed with exceptional attention to detail and consideration for the local environment. They are loaded with custom furniture, fixtures and artwork from local artisans and artists, and are filled with every amenity ready to make your visit a comfortable one.
Come stay with us at Norlander Springs and experience the majestic beauty and wildlife of Jasper National Park and Mount Robson Park, Your mountain adventure starts


Norlander Springs is adjacent to Jasper National Park, Alberta and sits in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

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